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A Group of Technicians Dedicated to Quality. At HelpMyMachine we have decades of experience with integrating, repairing, and replacing industrial electronics. Our goal is to create a plan for each customer that will keep the machines of yesterday and today, running at full capacity for years to come.


We understand the importance of relying on the services of a dependable industrial electronic repair company. By ensuring that your industrial electronics are repaired as soon as possible, your company’s progress won’t be affected. HelpMyMachine offers extensive repair services for all types of well-known industrial electronics such as industrial computers, touchscreens, motor controls, digital displays, temperature controls, circuit boards, power supplies, and many more. With the collective skills of our professional team, we are able to help many clients in Georgia and nearby areas.

Another positive trait of our flexible industrial electronic repair business is our dedication to meeting our clients’ expectations. Once you have contacted us about our industrial electronic repair services, we will handle your request immediately. Our main focus is on building trust among our clientele.

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Do not hesitate to contact the best industrial electronic repair service that you can. HelpMyMachine is just one call away.

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